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Oppført: 2002
Byggherre: FEU

Since the implementation of the single European Emergency Call Number by EU Council Decision (91/396/EEC) in 1991 Member States have implemented the technical means to assure that travellers in the case of an emergency can call for help throughout the EU by using the same call number 112. The EU gives high priority to make the single emergency call number known throughout Europe which will result in a more intensified use by the EU-citizens. This will inevitably raise the demand for foreign language competence in the emergency call centres in the future. It must be stated that it is not possible to meet the requirements with conventional language training. The project aims to develop modern tools for language training, which will enable control room operators to achieve a sufficient lingustic competence in a foreign language. The project is structured as follows:
1. Analysis of the necessary linguistic competence and the related knowledge of basic and advanced vocabulary
2. Development of the didactical concept for the self-tuition tools
3. Development of a CD for autonomous training
4. Development of an INTERNET environment for the on-line training
5. Field test of the developed learning tools on the final user level.

Skrevet: 30.01.2005 av Per Ole Sivertsen
Endret: 08.11.2013

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